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A Biodesign Program Founder’s Journey with Aaron Glick and Tyler Melton

TMCi Biodesign, provides talented, diverse self-starters the opportunity to discover breakthroughs and transform ideas into products, all while working in the largest medical center in the world. Groups are guided by the TMC Innovation team and will have access to our expert network through a three-step process: identify, invent, and implement. Founders in residence reside in CDI @ TMC, a medical device hub at the TMC Innovation Factory, an environment that accelerates the development process from concept to commercialization.

From a diverse and competitive pool of applicants, the individuals selected to participate in our program will be provided with the proper resources, a full-time salary, health benefits, and funding to foster innovation and prosper healthcare practices. Founders – Aaron Glick and Tyler Melton– share their journey and why they chose to participate in our program while obtaining several accomplishments along the way.

Prior to Biodesign, Aaron Glick was a clinician but chose to take an open-minded leap into our program to focus more on innovation. “The Biodesign program allowed for an immersive entrance into entrepreneurship. I also came into the program with an open mind about what we would work on and wasn’t sure I’d even be working on a medical.” As the founder of Ember Sleep, he is thrilled to share they were awarded funding from TMC, Texas A&M, Southwest National Pediatric Device Society Consortium, and the National Science Foundation and are looking forward to continuing its journey.

Tyler Melton obtained his MBA from Rice University with a biomedical engineering background and went on to pursue a career in the consulting side for five years. He saw the Biodesign program as an opportunity to start a medical device company with support for such a risky endeavor. “It was a great way to solve unknowns prior to putting yourself into the unknown,” says Melton. After completing our program, where he founded Corveus Medical, it paved the way for opportunities, which allowed the startup to participate in the Y Combinator in January 2022 and then in the MedTech Innovator in June 2022. In March of 2023, Corveus received its NSF SBIR – Phase 1 grant and placed first at the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition, receiving $35K.

Our program seeks individuals from various backgrounds who are committed to becoming healthcare entrepreneurs. Applications for 2023 will open in October as an opportunity to learn at the world’s largest medical campus in the world and from top leaders in innovation. For more information, please contact the Head of Biodesign, Jason Sakamoto, at


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