A Catheter Device to Prevent Heart Failure


Our Vision

Corveus Medical is developing a new way to prevent heart failure. Our neuromodulation device can uniquely reach tissues, unlocking a new field of heart failure treatment. Our goal is to develop a device that safely accesses tissue, providing consistent results.

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Blood Pressure Check

What is Heart Failure?

Heart Failure is condition of weakening of heart muscle, resulting in inefficient cardiac output and back up of blood flow. As blood pressure increases in the heart and lungs, patients develop debilitating symptoms of fatigue and respiratory failure. Nearly 80% of patients struggle with these symptoms, and half of patients live with treatment-resistant heart failure.

Hyperactivity of the Nervous System and the Heart

Evidence suggests that the heart and autonomic nervous system are trapped in a cycle of hyperactivity. If we control the nerves, we control heart failure.

Surgical Loupes

The Founding Team


Tyler Melton

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler is a biomedical engineer, who leads product development. He was previously in tech consulting for fortune 500 healthcare clients. He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA from Rice University.


Ishan Kamat

Chief Medical Officer

Ishan is a cardiologist at UCSF who brings device experience and domain expertise to the core team. He holds an MD from Baylor College of Medicine and an MBA from Rice University.


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